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We have had the pleasure of a very professional relationship with Peter Collins of PCIB for a number of years now insuring both business and personal property from homes, vehicles, boat, trailers, trade vehicles and home contents.  The service has been exceptional and the cost savings have certainly been worth the initial phone call.  On the odd occasion that a claim has arisen against a policy the assistance provided to us has been outstanding.  I would recommend the services of Peter and his team to anyone looking for good service, quality product and cost savings.

John Firrell

Sovereign Homes Qld Pty Ltd

Basically I would be scared to have my insurance with anyone else.  You give me confidence in my level of insurance and the support whenever required.

Thanks as always,


As a modern, connected advisor, it is a must to surround myself with an ‘A Team’ of other professionals for myself and my clients to have on hand, ready to be entrusted with so that the best outcome can be achieved.

Peter and his team at PCIB fit the ‘A Team’ criteria for my professional & business insurance brokerage requirements, and when my client’s ask for a contact to speak to about their business insurance needs, Peter’s card is the only one I hand over.

Chris Wheatley

Scope Accounting

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